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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Midwest Bird Expo in Kane County

My daughter and I attended the Midwest Bird Expo at the Kane County Fairgrounds this past Saturday. My main goal in going was to find some cockatiel seed without sunflower seeds in it and I thought I could get some other bird supplies for cheaper than the pet store. One item I found that I wasn't looking for is a metal cage clip for fastening big leaves of lettuce or millet spray or other foods to the side of the cage. These were only 75 cents each. I also picked up cuttle bones for only 50 cents each. They're at least $1.99 in the pet store. We took a few pictures of some of the animals on display such as one very large chameleon. I learned of a bird I had never heard of before called a lineolated parakeet. I thought they were Pacific parrotlets at first. I also thought I knew my bird species pretty well.

We spent several hours there and left with three bags of supplies and one very young and very cute new pet rat. I will post some photos very soon.

Here is the lineolated parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola). The ones we saw were this color or kind of an subtle olive green. You can see how they resemble a parrotlet of similar coloring.

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