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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Tip for Cleaning Bird Cages

We used this one every day at the animal hospital. Instead of having to soak or scrub perches to remove bird poop, the technicians simply wrapped them with Vet Wrap. It’s a bandage material that self sticks as it wraps around something, like an animal’s leg. Once the perch is soiled, you just unwrap the Vet Wrap and throw it away.  The perch is ready to go after re-wrapping. Vet Wrap comes in a bunch of colors, but green or dark colors probably aren’t the best choice because they might make it harder to observe whether your bird’s droppings are normal or not. I prefer white. There are plenty of places to purchase Vet Wrap or similar knock offs. Here’s one of them:


  1. Wow, wish my family knew that when we had a bird! I wish I could have a bird again (ours was a parakeet) but I'm afraid my dogs and cat would chase him! When we had a bird we kept his cage open and he flew freely around the house, so I wouldn't want to have to keep a bird locked in a cage all the time.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Nicki. I do actually let my birds fly around, but only during the day. They want to be in their cages at night. You can read more about it in my post, "The unfettered Bird" from October of 2011. Of course, letting animals out can cause problems which you can also read about in my series about the first, second and third time our pet cockatiel flew away. I have a parakeet too. He can't come out every day because he antagonizes the cockatiels. It's his own fault, really.